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5 Ways To Be The BEST Photography Client

These are just some things my clients have done that have made me super happy as a photographer. If you're ever wondering what you can do to be an AWESOME photography client... keep reading!

  1. Look At The Portfolio The #1 thing you can do before you even book is to make sure to look at your photographer's portfolio! Don't just search for photographers in your area and contact the first one, make sure to search around and find a photographer with a style you like! The reason for this is sometimes as photographers we get people that just contact us to get photos done who don't pay attention to our editing style. Because photography is our artwork, we won't be able to change our editing style according to how each individual client wants. We want our clients to love their photos, and to do that we need people who already love the way we take pictures! It works out better for both ends and you can make sure your photos are edited in a style you love.

  2. Communicate Well We love communication! If you want a family session, tell us who you're bringing and how old your kiddos are! Maternity session — are you bringing your partner? What do you plan on wearing? If you're insecure about a certain part of your body, let us know so we can help with posing. Do you need more direction to pose or do you want to just do your own thing? This kind of information all helps for your session to run smoothly! (and this is why filling out any client questionnaires is so important!)

  3. Prepare Another great way to be an awesome client is to come to your shoot prepared! Consult your photographer's style guides (you can check mine out here) to make sure your outfit is on point! Be at the location early (about 5-10 mins early). Make sure your kids are fed and changed (we also understand parent life is stressful... this is another reason coming early comes in handy: for any last minute snack-eating and diaper-changing) Come to your shoot prepared and ready to go and we'll love you forever!

  4. Be Patient Please be patient with us while you wait for your photos! It's awesome to be excited about the finished product, but please trust that we will give you your pics as soon as they're ready! We often have several other shoots we are working on at the same time, so please check your contract or ask about when you'll get your photos back. Just be sure to not overly question when your photos will be done.

  5. Express Yourself Now that you've gotten your photos back... tell us how you feel! If you have any issues with the pictures, make sure to communicate whatever's wrong. If you don't and love your photos — let us know!! Getting a message that tells us that you love your pics is like music to our ears. It's so encouraging!

  6. Bonus: Recommend Us To Friends & Leave A Review I can't tell you enough how much it makes us happy to hear that someone booked because a friend recommended us to them, and leaving a review anywhere is such a great way to support us. Whether it's on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or our own website, we love to hear your feedback!

I hope you consider these things the next time you want to get photos taken! And thank you to all the awesome clients I have that inspired these tips — you guys rock! ♥

Thanks for reading!



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