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Christmas Photos Style Guide

Whether you'll be posing with your friends, your partner, or your kiddos (or all of the above!) this guide will help you look your best during the holiday season!

1. 'Tis The Season

This season is full of reds, greens, golds, white, etc. There are so many fun and bright colors during the holidays! As fun and beautiful these bright colors are, I definitely recommend toning down those colors for photos. Why? Because we want our focus to be on YOU! Not your sweater or scarf. If you're not sure what to go for — wear neutrals! Don't worry, you can still incorporate Christmas color into your wardrobe for your photos, just try to aim for more muted or dark tones rather than bright or light. I personally think the best outfits for photos are mostly neutral with a couple pops of color. Maybe wear a black sweater and jeans with a maroon hat, or a forest green scarf. There are plenty of possibilities! This color palette is a good place to start:

2. Keep It Simple

This might be #2 on my list, but in my opinion this is the most important tip: Keep. It. Simple. Along with the holiday cheer, there tends to come along all the crazy, loud patterns. Ugly Christmas sweaters... Shirts with long quotes (there are so many t-shirts I've seen quoting the movie Elf!)… Even light-up Christmas beanies. There's so much! For your Christmas photos, keeping it simple with your clothes is the best way to go. Save the ugly Christmas sweater for a party, and the shirt with a quote for an Instagram post! The main things I tell my clients to avoid for photos of any kind are clothes with text or logos on them, and bright/loud patterns. This rule of thumb especially applies for Christmas. This includes even... buffalo plaid! Now, I'm a fan of buffalo plaid myself, but if everyone in a Christmas photos wears buffalo plaid, it can be overwhelming! I suggest that if you must bring in some buffalo plaid, try to have only one person wear it. If you're going to follow only one tip from this guide, it would be this one: keep it simple! There are other ways to bring variety to what you wear, which I'll go more into as you keep reading.

3. Coordinate — Don't Match!

You might remember this tip from my Family Photos Style Guide. It's true for all seasons of the year: it's better to coordinate instead of matching for your photos. Matching your outfits can be really cute, but I would suggest to save it for a Christmas shopping trip or for caroling. You want to coordinate instead. You can do this by wearing complimentary colors, or the same style of outfits. If you must match something, try wearing a hat that is the same color of your partner's scarf, and maybe your kiddos can wear gloves in that same shade! Or maybe just wear the same hat in different colors. There are ways to "match" in a classy way, you just got to make sure you stand out as individuals too!

4. Add Some Texture

If you want your outfits to look amazing and put-together, I definitely recommend adding some texture. Winter is the perfect time to do this, because we can wear so many layers this time of year! Different textures in your outfits brings variety without having to depend on the color of your clothing to do so. There are some many options of different textures to add to your outfit: flannel, corduroy, cotton, denim, knits, suede, etc.

5. Stay Warm With Accessories

Now is the perfect time of year to add a warm beanie or cozy scarf to your look. Adding cute accessories helps to add more texture, more variety, and more warmth!

6. Check Out Some Examples!

I have created a Pinterest board for Christmas photo outfit inspiration, you can check that out here.

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips help you to create the perfect look for your Christmas photos!



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