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Family Photos Style Guide

Here are some tips for what to wear for your family photos (whatever time of year!)

1. Wear Neutral Colors

Wearing neutral colors is my #1 suggestion for family photos. Why? For many reasons: they photograph well, go with anything, are timeless, and don't distract. They make it so easy to match outfits, and match your photoshoot location. Shades like white, black, brown, off-white, gray, etc. Neutral tones make sure that the focus is on you and your family!

2. Now Add A Pop Of Color

In my opinion, the best outfits are mostly neutral with a pop of color. Now, this doesn't just mean any color, but a color that coordinates with the time of year, holiday, or location are the best colors to add. Fall photos? Add orange, yellow, or brown. Pics for your Christmas card? Add red or green. Shooting on the beach? Wear some blue. Spring time? Maybe some pastel shades. Putting together your outfits with these things in mind create a beautiful look. I always recommend that the colors you pick should be soft or dark rather than bright (instead of bright red maybe opt for maroon, or how about a mustard yellow instead of neon? Pastel pink instead of hot pink). Bright colors have their place in photography, but for family photos you want to make sure that the attention is on you and your family.

3. Coordinate — Don't Match!

The days of being matchy-matchy are over! Instead of matching, I recommend coordinating your outfits. What this usually looks like is choosing a few complimentary colors and wearing those.

P.S. This is why I love neutrals so much!! It makes coordinating your outfits soooo easy!

4. Accessorize!

A good hat, scarf, belt, tie, jewelry... these are all good ways to spice up your outfits. Use this as an opportunity to show off your personality through your look!

5. Add Some Texture

Different textures add visual interest and dimension to photos. Adding knits, leather, lace, etc. are all good and simple ways to do this!

6. Avoid Characters, Logos, Bright Colors, Loud Patterns, and Text

A cute cartoon character may be a good everyday option for your kiddo's t-shirt, but for family photos this can be very distracting. Ask yourself when you look back on these pics, do you want your eyes to be drawn to the Nike logo on your teen's hoodie, or do you want your attention to be brought to their smiling face? You want to capture the moment, not the clothes! Keeping it simple without a loud pattern or a quote on a shirt helps to do that.

P.S. This also applies to distracting accessories! Remember to remove any apple watches or sunglasses before your shoot. Make sure your keys aren't hanging out of your pocket and that there's no hair ties on your wrist!

7. Keep It Comfortable!

While your clothing options are definitely something to consider with what to wear, wear what makes your family comfortable! Especially for kids. As cute as the clothes may be, we don't want grumpy faces because their dress itches or their shoes are too tight. Keep it comfy and simple and things should work out!

8. Keep It Fun!

All in all it's about the love and connection we're capturing in these pics, not the clothes you're wearing. Wear what makes you feel good! We'll have a great photo session either way :) If you need inspiration, check out this Pinterest board!

Thanks for reading!



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