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Full Resolution Vs. Web Resolution: What's The Difference? | Eugene & Springfield Oregon Family & Maternity Photographer

Ever wonder what Full Resolution and Web Resolution mean when you're downloading your photo gallery from me? Let's break it down in simple terms.

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When you receive your online photo gallery, you'll see two choices: Full Resolution and Web Resolution. But what's the deal with these options?

Web Resolution files are your photo's best friend on the internet. They're sized down to make sure your pics look crisp and clear when you upload them to social media or your website. You see, some platforms like to compress images, which can make them look less than their best... But with Web Resolution, you're in control of the quality! It's also important to use Web Resolution on websites, because if you use an image file that's too large, it can make your website take longer to load than a properly sized file format.

Now, let's talk about Full Resolution files. These are like the ultimate version of your photos — they're packed with as much detail as can be after being edited & exported. They're perfect for printing, giving you the sharpest, most detailed prints possible. Just keep in mind they can be pretty hefty, so they're not the best for sharing online. Additionally, when ordering prints, it's recommended to use a computer rather than a mobile device to prevent any further compression of the image.

Here's a tip: Download both Full Resolution and Web Resolution files. Save the Full Resolution ones to your computer for printing, and keep the Web Resolution ones handy on your phone for sharing online.

Oh, and don't forget to back them up! Since your online gallery is available for 30 days, it's a good idea to save copies of both types of files. Store them on a flash drive, external hard drive, or in the cloud on platforms like iCloud or Dropbox. That way, you'll always have your memories safe and sound.

Understanding the difference between Full Resolution and Web Resolution files gives you the power to make the most of your photos. So go ahead, download those memories and share them with the world!


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