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How I Became A Photographer | My Story

Karla Winer Photography | Eugene & Springfield Oregon Photographer | Family | Maternity | Portraits

My love for photography started when I was given a tiny digital camera for Christmas in the 5th grade. I used that camera to take photos of everything in my home, the fish tank, food, things in my room, etc.

We have a local art show for anyone of all ages, and once in a while my mom would submit random things I drew and pictures I took into this art show. One of the images I took was the inside of a spiral for a notebook, and I won first place out of all the submission's from other kids! My family framed the photo, along with my first place ribbon, and hung it in the hallway at home. I would see it every single day, and it inspired me to continue taking pictures as I was growing up.

Karla Winer Photography | Eugene & Springfield Oregon Photographer | Family | Maternity | Portraits

I ended up taking a photography class in middle school, where I learned photography basics like lighting, composure, angles, etc.

In high school I still loved photography, but I tried being on the other side of the camera during this time. I would often go on shoots with my photographer friends and model for them, learning about angles and poses from being in front of the camera.

After I got out of high school, I had a roommate that loved photography and was taking classes for it online. We would often go out on photoshoots where I would model for her, or she would let me use her camera to take pics. During this time my love for photography grew and grew, but I couldn't afford a camera of my own.

Karla Winer Photography | Eugene & Springfield Oregon Photographer | Family | Maternity | Portraits

Once I moved out and got married, my husband and I were talking one day about the subject of photography. I told him how much I loved it and wanted a camera, and he immediately said "okay, I'm buying you one"

I was so excited, and felt so loved that my husband wanted to provide a way to dive deeper into this passion of mine.

So I researched and we bought a DSLR, specifically a Canon EOS Rebel SL2.

While I was waiting for the camera to arrive, I would watch videos over and over and over about how to use the settings, trying to get it down before I even had the camera in my hands.

But it's practice that makes perfect, so once I got the camera I would practice with my husband, my friends, and my family often.

It quickly became a main part of my life. As I improved in my skills over a few years, I decided to turn this passion into a career and start a photography business. I invested in more equipment, and officially began in July 2021.

So here I am! Over a year after starting this business, and loving every minute of it. My love for photography has continued to grow, and even in my free time I use the art form shooting with vintage film cameras.

You can check out my portfolio here.

That's my story of how I fell in love with photography — thank you for reading!


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