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Lustre vs. Metallic vs. Matte Photo Prints

In this post we will be going over the difference between these common photo print styles

*These descriptions are based off of the PASS photo gallery print options

Original Photo


Lustre photo finish is one of the most popular options for photo prints. It has a shiny, textured surface that makes it very difficult to leave fingerprints on. It displays vibrant colors and beautiful skin tones. This is a great option for all kinds of prints.


Metallic photo finish is very glossy and shiny. The metallic base creates incredibly vibrant colors. Skin has a slight pearlescent look with this finish. Black and white photos print stunningly on metallic prints. Fingerprints can be left on this photo paper, so it is best for prints that will be for display only and not handled.


Matte photo prints have a very smooth surface on 100% cotton paper. There is no shine at all to this photo paper. Matte photo paper does not pick up fingerprints at all, and is the best option for prints that people will handle.


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