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What Is A Motherhood Session & Why You Should Book One

Here we'll go over what a motherhood session is, why this is something photographers offer, and why you should book one!

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What is motherhood photography?

Motherhood photography is specifically focused on capturing the love and connection between mothers and their children. This can be at any stage of the child's life: through maternity photography, or moms with their kids at any age!

Why do photographers offer motherhood photography?

Moms usually tend to be the ones taking the pictures of dads with their kids, or the grandparents with them. Rarely do moms get the opportunity to get candid photos taken of her with her children. This is the reason that motherhood photography has grown in popularity, because both moms (and their kids) want photos taken together to capture the love and bond they share!

Why should I book a motherhood photo session?

If you're a mom, a motherhood session is the perfect opportunity to get candid photos taken of you and your kids together. Kids grow up so fast, don't let years go by before prioritizing capturing these memories. One day when you're gone, pictures might be the only thing your kids have left to see you. Booking a motherhood session ensures that you have these moments taken for you, your kids, and your grandkids to look at in the future.

If you're a dad or grandparent (or uncle, or neice, or son, or daughter, or friend), you can book a motherhood session for a special mom in your life! It's a gift that lasts a lifetime. Especially if you're a dad that always forgets to pull out the camera to take photos of your wife with your children — booking a motherhood session for her is so special!


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