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5 Signs I Might NOT Be The Photographer For You | Eugene & Springfield Oregon Family & Maternity Photographer

As you consider booking a photography session, it's crucial to find the perfect match for capturing your cherished moments. While I strive to create a memorable experience for all my clients, here are five signs that I might not be the right fit for you...

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1. If you don't want any styling guidance

If you prefer to handle styling choices independently without any guidance, you might not like my approach. I want to make sure that all of my clients look and feel their BEST during their shoot. I provide a Client Closet with photo-friendly options that can be borrowed for your session, a Style Guide with all my tips & tricks for what to wear, and personalized outfit suggestions through a clickable style board, PLUS a styling website that you can use to put together outfits!

2. If you don't want the choice to select your own images

Are you looking for a photographer who chooses all your images for you? While some may prefer this approach, I believe in empowering my clients to select the shots that resonate with them. Your photo gallery should reflect your unique story, and I'm here to support you every step of the way in choosing the images that truly capture your essence.

3. If you want photos lacking in color

Do you gravitate towards subdued, muted tones rather than bold, vibrant colors? While everyone has their preferences, my signature style embraces vibrant hues that bring your memories to life. If you're seeking images that burst with energy and joy, I'm here to capture those moments in all their vibrant glory.

4. If you prefer strict poses only

If you're seeking rigid, traditional poses without any room for spontaneity or natural interaction, my style might not be for you. I believe in capturing genuine moments and authentic emotions, which often arise when subjects feel relaxed and free to be themselves. While I can certainly guide and direct during the session, I also encourage genuine interactions and candid expressions that reflect the unique dynamics and personalities within your family. If you're open to embracing the beauty of imperfection and cherishing the unexpected moments, then I'd love to work with you to create heartfelt and memorable images that tell your family's story authentically. 5. If you prefer quantity over quality editing

If you prefer quick, uniform edits applied to all your images, my meticulous approach to individual retouching and adjusting might not align with your expectations. I believe in taking the time to enhance each photo with care and precision, ensuring that every image reflects the beauty and authenticity of your family's moments.

Remember, finding the right photographer is all about finding someone whose style, approach, and values align with yours. If you resonate with my approach to photography, I'd love to chat further about how we can create beautiful memories together. Get in touch, and let's capture your story in a way that's uniquely yours!


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