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What Is A Client Closet & How Does It Work?

You might have heard the terms "client closet" or "client wardrobe" from photographers online (including me), but what is it exactly? I'll go over what it is, and how it works here!

What It Is

A client closet is a curated collection of outfits that can be borrowed for your photo session. Lots of different types of photographers offer client closets; family photographers often offer dresses for the moms and kids to wear, newborn photographers offer clothing for the baby's session, some boudoir photographers offer clothing options as well for their shoots. A client closet can be incredibly useful, and the reason many photographers offer a client closet is because it can benefit both the photographer and the client significantly.

The Benefits

You save money.

Choosing to wear a piece from my client closet means that you don't have to pay for a dress on top of your session fee.

You save time.

Not only does choosing to wear something from my client closet save you money, but also time! You don't need to spend time shopping around for a dress to wear when I offer several options for you! I also offer styling services for any accessories and for the other members of your family that won't be wearing pieces from my client closet.

Your outfit automatically is photo-friendly

There's a lot that goes into styling an outfit for a photoshoot. As the photographer, I have to account for the way different colors, textures, and styles photograph. Some colors show up extra beautifully on camera, or are more flattering for different skin tones. Certain textures or patterns can either add a lot of dimension to a photo, or can add moiré (a type of error that occurs in cameras where subjects with repetitive elements like dots or lines exceed the camera sensor's overall resolution). Some clothing styles are less flattering or are more likely to show lines from underwear or bras, whereas more flowy styles are less likely to show these things. Choosing an article of clothing from my client closet eliminates the worry of "is this okay for photos?" Since it'll already be approved by me!

Here is an example of moiré (not my photo). It can be caused by small repetitive patterns, like these lines here. This is why it's important to always have your photographer approve your outfit choices for a photoshoot — to avoid things such as this showing up in your photos!

How It Works

Once you reach out to me and we start a conversation, I will ask or you can just let me know that you'd like to use something from my client closet for our shoot! If you live in Springfield or Eugene Oregon, we can schedule a date before your session for you to try on the dress. If we don't schedule a day for you to try it on, I can bring an extra option to our session in case your selected dress does not fit. I will also ask you to bring an option that you know fits just in case.

That's it!

We've gone over all about what a client closet is and how it can benefit you! If you'd like to check out my own client closet, click here.


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