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5 Ways To Thank Your Photographer

Here are 5 ideas from a professional photographer, for you to show appreciation for your photographer!

  1. Just say "thank you!" It always makes my heart so happy to read the texts my clients send after they receive their gallery! To hear that their photos are loved and knowing that they'll be cherished for years. The extra effort to send a text or email with those reactions is always appreciated.

  2. Write a review I am always so happy to read what my clients have said when I get an email notification that a client has left a review! Not only does it mean a lot, but it also helps boost business by increasing the likelihood of my business showing up on Google.

  3. Show love on social media Seeing your posts of the images taken of you and your family is always such a treat! Don't forget to tag your photographer so we can be sure to see and like your post!

  4. Send your photographer a picture of the photos up in your home It's so cool to see the work I've taken be put up as wall art in your home! I always love to see how your display your images, and I know most other photographers love to see this as well!

  5. Send them a card If you want to go the extra mile, a card or thank you note is a great way to show your love and appreciation! Especially for wedding photographers, birth photographers, and just anyone who has captured precious moments that you cherish ♥


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