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The REAL Reason Photographers Charge What They Charge

"why are photographers so expensive?"

Photographers everywhere have heard this question and ones like it, or have seen inquiries of "looking for a photographer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg".

As a professional photographer, I think it's time to explain our pricing and why our services cost what they do. I assure you, we don't want arms or legs ;) and we're not money-hungry crazy people! Let's go over exactly why our prices are what they are.

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What's factored into a photographer's prices?

  1. All the expenses

  2. Hidden hours

  3. The experience

All The Expenses

It's no secret that cameras and lenses are expensive — but they're not the only cost when it comes to owning a photography business! The camera and lenses themselves can be thousands of dollars worth of investment to even begin shooting, and on top of that there's business fees, taxes, editing, insurance, education, props, website costs, etc. (Basically, we're not taking home the amount that's being paid for a session. So much goes towards expenses!)

Some of the expenses we have to consider include...

  • camera(s)

  • lenses

  • computer

  • external hard drives

  • sd cards

  • insurance

  • taxes

  • website

  • adobe lightroom

  • adobe photoshop

  • editing education

  • business education

  • marketing education

  • gas

  • travel expenses

  • business liscensing

  • client management system

  • online gallery delivery website

  • studio fees

  • props

  • client closet pieces

  • transaction fees

  • lighting

  • equipment upkeep

  • camera bag

  • & more depending on the photography services provided & what state the photographer is in!

Hidden Hours

I promise, we're not just showing up, shooting, slapping a preset on all the images and sending them your way. There is so much time & effort being put into every session! From the effort it took for you to notice us in the first place (marketing, SEO, social media, etc) to getting in contact (emailing and calls), to preparing for the session (location scouting, styling consultation, going through pose ideas) to your session (showing up and shooting) to going through your images (culling, base edits, preparing and sending a proof gallery) to editing your images (hours of editing with Lightroom and Photoshop) to putting together your finished gallery and sending it off. Not to mention the time we've spent gaining experience, educating ourselves in business and editing, and defining our style and niches. There is so much time and effort that goes into our work — not just the short time that's seen when we're out shooting.

The Experience

When you pay for a professional photographer, you're not just paying for photos: you're paying for the professional experience too!

If you *just* need photos taken, there are so many photographers that are just starting up and building their portfolio that would be more than happy to take them! Usually beginner photographers are charging very little because they don't have as much experience & education in the field. They might not be a legal, tax paying business yet, they might be using cheap equipment, or they might just not realize how much it costs to run a photography business yet. Hiring a new photographer may be cheaper, but there is still a cost...

When you hire someone new — you aren't receiving the professional quality of an experienced photographer. Someone who knows how to pose you and gives prompts to bring movement and life to your images, someone who makes your kids laugh and smile and makes you feel confident in your own skin, someone who knows the camera like the back of their hand to keep their settings on point, someone who edits well and has a beautiful style to their images, someone who knows the best time of day and the best locations to shoot at. Photography is truly an industry where "you get what you pay for" really applies. If you're looking for quality images with professional service, a cheap beginner photographer might not be the best option for you. Plus, many photographers (like myself) offer mini sessions throughout the year, and payment plans to keep our services as affordable as possible!

So, why are photographers so expensive?

Photographers charge higher prices so we can not only pay for education, expenses, and taxes to run our photography business, but also to provide you with quality art of you & your family ready to be hung on a wall or viewed in an album, and a fun experience to bring out real, authentic, storytelling moments!

Remember – you're not just investing in pictures – you're investing in memories for you, your kids, grandkids, and many generations ahead of you to look back on! Hiring someone to photograph these moments is an investment I promise you won't regret!


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