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Why You Should Get Family Photos Taken Professionally


It's no surprise that photos taken on a professional camera are going to be higher quality than photos taken on a phone. The added bonus of booking a photoshoot instead of using your phone to take pictures, is that I edit and export the photos in a way that preserves the quality to turn the images into pieces of artwork for your home. Most pictures taken on a phone will not be able to print out photos on a large scale or keep the quality for prints at all. That, and I will be able to provide my knowledge of lighting, poses, and angles to create high quality beautiful images of your family.


Your kiddos are constantly growing and changing. Booking a photoshoot captures the moment, so in the future when they're older they can look back and see the precious memory that you created when they were younger.


If you are always snapping pics of your kids but you're never in the photos, this will be the perfect chance to get in front of the camera with your children and be a part of the memory that's captured.


Sometimes photo-taking can be stressful... you're trying to get your children to sit still and smile, then snapping the photo at the right time... it can be difficult! This is your opportunity to just focus on spending time with your little ones and let me handle the photos.

Plus, the way I like to do my photoshoots is to get the smiling and posed photos out of the way in the beginning, so you and your little ones can hang out and play while I snap pics of the real, beautiful moments of love in your family.

If you'd like to book a family photoshoot with me, click here


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